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   Download complete FST simulations
If you're new to Flight Sim Toolkit, or have no experience with FST; you can download one of these neat free standing sims and be off flying in a matter of minutes! Rest easy - programs listed below are small, self-contained (easy to install / uninstall), virus and spyware free FST created flight simulators. All offered apps are built out and tested to work under most modern computers running Windows 98 or higher. Download free and enjoy.
Available Sims:
FST Sim(s) by: "Cmdr. Mic" Healey
Elite Plus: Planetside Elite Plus: Planetside is actually and old and ongoing project for me. It's been on my site for several years but was recently updated. You can find out additional info regarding this sim in its own section.
FST Sim(s) by: "Grampa Mike" Leibbrandt
Space Here's an excellent off world science fiction based sim with plenty of combat and exciting action. Fly your own rocket plane and see if you can survive encounters with the deadly green trios... God knows I can't - but I keep coming back for more! Great Fun.
Flanders Participate in World War One air combat at the front! Hop in your trusty biplane and head for the skies about the deadly mustard gas filled trenches. Keep on the look out for the deadly Red Baron and watch the action unfold below.

And look for more exciting FST powered sims coming here soon....

Please check back later.


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