This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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   Looking for FS4, Add-Ons, Scenery Files, Aircraft, Adventures, and More?
LIB 01: DOWNLOAD Complete versions of FS4
            (Supporting Users Only)
LIB 02: DOWNLOAD "a few" FS4 Aircraft, Scenery, Utilities
            from the Primary Collection (Public Users)
LIB 03: DOWNLOAD "all" FS4 files in the Primary Collection
            (Supporting Users Only)
LIB 04: DOWNLOAD AAF, FS4 built with SubLogic USA, and More...
            (Supporting Users Only)
LIB 05: DOWNLOAD 800 x 600 driver for FS4 (and More...)
            (Supporting Users Only)

   Please check back again for more libraries being added!
NOTE: FS4 related downloads are seperated here into public and supporting webport visitor libraries. Thus, some areas are password & username protected. Becoming a supporting FS4 Webport user is in no way to be considered payment or compensation for any software found in protected libraries. Intent is to simply limit bandwidth for certain downloads and as a type of "Token Gratis" to be offered by sponsors who appreciate the effort to detail and build out this website section, and to encourage the future development of FS4 Webport. Any abandonware, i.e. post commerical class software made available is offered only to rightful owners - as a courtesy to replace defective media. Click Support in the Menu Bar above for additional details...


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