This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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   Gain complete libraries access to these rare and unique FS4 Download Archives and become a noble "FS4 Webport Supporting User" via Option 1 below... (OR attempt parasitic charity entry by utilising Options 2, 3, or 4 - as detailed below.)
Option 1
Okay, make just a small (ONE TIME) donation of $9 US in support of FS4 Webport development and "as a thank you gift", gain total access to all current and all future FS4 protected download archives (which requires a specific user name and password for entry). The required username and password will be displayed to you directly following receipt of your donation - as you will be forwarded to a special webpage with this information. (Note: sometimes Paypal does not forward donators correctly to this information page (I can't figure out why). If this happens to you, please don't worry - just use the contact form to send me a message, and I'll forward you the username and password via email a.s.a.p. - after confirming your donation.)
Just click the Paypal Donate Button below to support FS4 Webport via safe, secure, and free Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can still donate with a credit card. Thanks.  

Option 2
Okay, so don't want to (or can't) donate, but still want in to protected areas? Right, tell'ya what I'm gonna do... the below sentence has the Username (which is just 3 letters) and Password (3 words put together with no spaces) in it. If you can figure them out, you're in. Hint(1) - everything is lower case. Hint(2) - the three words that make up the password are not 'completely' group together but are in the linear sequence. Good Luck!
"Some old flight simulation enthusiasts, like Mic, still believe fs4 and all its various add-ons continue to remain, perhaps the best mix of form and function for 'programmer type' flight sim users."  

Option 3 [Currently: ACTIVE]
Join the FS4 Webport Forum and don't be a "lurker". You must make three "valid" new topic posts concerning any aspect of FS4 - AND reply promptly to any and all responses (run ~your~ threads) as needed in a complete, informative, mature, and timely fashion. After two weeks of doing this "satisfactorily", you may apply for free access (and perhaps have some new FS4 friends too)! Additionally, any effort - which is judged to be insincere or worthless of reading content - will result in access not being granted. Ask for access after two weeks of the above activity via the FS4 Webport User Feedback Form. Make sure you mention "Option 3" and your forum username when applying. A decision will be rendered within 24 hours. (This option is not always available - check above for status.)  

Option 4
As a final resort, you can send a "Plea for FREE Access Message", using the the FS4 Webport User Feedback Form on the FS4 Introduction page. (You should have a decent reason for doing this - so explain yourself honestly please. The merit of all pleas will be evaluated on an individual basis.) You cannot attempt this option without prior trying above Option 3 (if active).


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