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Simply, the finest space simulator ever created...

Beyond the games: Frontier Elite II, an above Terminus - one product stands tall as the most wonderful, beautiful, intriguing, and complete space simulation programming effort ever set forth for the enjoyment and education of the masses: the 1994 released, Microsoft Space Simulator created by BAO.

MS Space Simulator Quick Info Center
What is it? An in depth "first person" space simulator similar to an advanced flight simulator.
Is it new? Nope, came out in 1994.
Does it have a Free Play mode like FE2? YES!
What about Trading, Missions, Merc. work? No, none of that stuff. You play FE2 or Terminus for that. This is a totally free form program - like a flight simulator, however it does have "set-ups" called Situations. This can be the basis for a more structured type of game play.
I liked how Frontier used real star system names, not made up stuff... Everything is real, accurate, except for the planets and moons you will visit around distance stars (which of course have real names).
Does it support Elite Type flight controls... (Ya'know; roll left, roll right, pull up, etc.) In may respects yes.
Is there an Official Space Simulator web site? Haven't found one...
Surely it cannot have Asteroid Mining ? You can visit and land on minor planets, and if you have it in your head to take some screen grabs of you mining... it will certainly look like it.
Can I fly different ships? Yes, you can pilot 14 crafts! You can dock ships, dock ships to space stations... fly space stations, take space walks in manned maneuvering units. There are futuristic craft to fly, historical craft to fly, fighters, freighters, explorer class vessels, even the space shuttle...
I want to be able to have more than one ship at a time... Sure, you even have a drop ship that you can take planetside - its called the TITLE (all terrain lander). Once you land you can get out in the MMU!
I love a big brick of a program manual... How does 230 pages of fine text hit ya? And, don't forget the support books written by 3rd party authors!
Can I play it forever? Affirmative.
Are there any patches? No. Its relatively -bug free- runs well at the DOS prompt in WIN95/98, and of course with good old MS-DOS.
Is there combat? Sorry, no guns. Nothing to destroy. But, again this is an easy edit/add to screen grabs if you want (perhaps to supply graphics for a story you are writing).
What about a jump drive? Distance travel is via auto-pilot and time compression and is subject to the real laws of space travel (i.e. no faster than the speed of light). "Oh grow up, its reality!"
I used to love the Cargo Scoop thing in Elite Plus... grabbing those canisters was a blast... Can the ships have Cargo Scoops? Not really, but actual ship docking is every bit as fun as cargo scooping, and a heck of a lot more challenging.
Oh please, oh please... tell me there are planetary landings and bases... Yes. You can land at Kennedy Space Center, on most any planet or moon, go to the base on Mars! And, there are the space stations which are in a sense - moveable bases. You can even bring a space station to another star system!
What about a multi-player mode? Nope...
What about real space flight physics and object behavior? This is totally here, more so than in any other program ever made, while still leaving a level of fun, and beautiful graphics. Practice real orbital mechanics, trajectories, etc.
Is it complex to learn? About as complex as Frontier.
Is there a Tutorial? Yes, You really need the manual - and you need to read it as you play.
How come all my Frontier Elite buddies are not yakking about it? What do you think I'm doing here, Pal...
How are the graphics, I want to see some screen shots... Totally mind blowing... Look Here
How the background music? The songs in Frontier were quite inspirational... There are some midi tunes, but I would not recommend them for long. The sound routine is rather simple, but the engine sound is quite good. It's best to leave the music off and sound effects on. Try playing a nice space music like CD, perhaps: the sound track from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
I'd love to be able to make AVI movies of my game play adventures which I could share with others who didn't even have the game... This is also possible as there is a option within the program that will allow you to make videos. However, they are saved in a weird *.VDA format which requires the program (space simulator) for playback. I am looking into a VDA to AVI converter.
Where can I find it? You can often find a nice copy for sale on eBay. Also, if you would like to download individual replacement disks and or a full zip of the program directory after clean DOS installation... please contact me.
Is it an expensive product? I have seen it for re-sale between $10.00 to $75.00
What's not to like? You pretty much make your own game with this thing; its totally open -- some folks will want missions, etc.
I'm gonna wait for Elite IV to come out... It's your loss.
Do I need a fast machine? No, anything greater than a 486DX2-66 should give excellent performance... runs wonderful on Pentiums!

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