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   Download complete FST libraries and collections
Cmdr. Mic's Drives FST Collection
Okay, the zip files below are really for FST Advanced Users... or those who like to "hunt around". If you're new to FST, it's highly recommended you start with the all new FST Sim Builder Starter Kit (available soon on the Tools page). However, if you've in a rush... here's a lot of FST goodies to mess around with.
These two mega zips are initial post offerings. They contain complete copies of most of my own FST directories (and sub-directories) - taken straight from my old hard drives on a development system! The complete original FST-CD, thousands of FST related files, full sims, zips, graphics, cockpits, flight models, helper apps, tutorial text files, and more! Over fifteen years of messing with FST. Problem is... it won't make too much sense to a novice. There's also some minor duplication within the directory structures, but you can check out the contents, before downloading, by reviewing the provided text listing above each zip. You can also search these text files for a particular filename - if you're on the hunt for something specific. And please - review the important note below in regards to how to properly unzip.
Text listing of below file contents: here.
Download link: FSTPACK1.ZIP (21.3mb)
Text listing of below file contents: here.
Download link: FSTPACK2.ZIP (34.8mb)
Important Note: (For novice users)

I recommend you unzip these files with original PKUNZIP.EXE at the command prompt. If you do not have PKUNZIP.EXE, you can get it here. To unpack these files properly with complete directory structure, you must use the -d switch. Instructions:
Just make a directory for the zips called: C:\FST, and move the files into that directory, along with PKUNZIP.EXE. Then go to the Command Prompt (Dos mode).
cd c:\fst
Next type:
pkunzip -d
and or
pkunzip -d
The substructural directories will be created and all files will be unpacked. Enjoy.
PKUNZIP.EXE is a small but powerful MS DOS program. Use PKUNZIP.EXE /? to find out more at the directory where PKUNZIP.EXE is located. The companion to PKUNZIP.EXE, is PKZIP.EXE (used to make these zip files). You may also download PKZIP.EXE here.


Look for more library collections coming to this page...


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