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   Download helper FST tools and applications
Many of these files and programs help with running an FST sim, displaying, converting, and otherwise using FST files. Some files here help FST sims run better or add to FST functionality. Most most apps / files below are free and run in Windows or at the command prompt. See individual file descriptions for additional details.
Available FST Tools
FLY.EXE ver. 3.30
Build Date: 01/34/2013
Here's the the latest release build of the "drop in flight engine" which utilises all additional FST Tools created files. This build represents the culmination of hundreds of man hours of effort in debugging and agumenting original FST code. Available for free download is the newest evolution of FLY.EXE, as crafted and compiled by dedicated project programmer: Dave Daniels. Also included within the zip is ALLEG42.DLL, an essential companion to running FLY.EXE and must be included within any sim's directory folder for use under Windows. This package includes a number of help files, and other goodies, etc.

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